In February the Rotary Club of Reigate facilitated a trip to Harry Potter World for our local Young Carers. The club responded to a request by Surrey Young Carers to support a trip by 20 Young Carers accompanied by 5 staff. The resulting trip was a resounding success with the youngsters having a fantastic experience on Platform Nine and Three Quarters, spells being made and indulging in all the Hogwarts Mysteries. All the children were specifically chosen as they care for siblings as well as, in some cases, parents. Trips such as this and time away from their caring roles are very rare. Their feedback was wonderful including comments such as  “it was the best day out I have ever had” and “Brilliant. The best day ever”. Very few things that we do in the year as a Rotary Club give more benefit and joy in our community than supporting trips like this for our wonderful Young Carers