Reigate Rotary Responds to Caribbean Disaster

A ​ collection took place on Sunday outside Morrisons Supermarket, Reigate

​by Reigate Rotary Club which raised ​over £360​ in aid of the charity  Shelter Box.​ 

Reigate Rotary added £230 to the collection to be able to purchase one shelter box which will assist up to 10 people.

Shelter boxes are specifically designed to help people who have lost everything such as the situation in the Caribbean following ​last week’s hurricane​s.

The boxes contain practical tools and utensils to help people cope with everyday life. Each box ​has a family sized tent that protects people from the elements and gives a safe space in which people can recover from the trauma ​they have suffered.​ The content of the boxes differs depending on the disaster and the climate. Items typically included are solar lights, water storage and purification equipment, thermal blankets, cooking equipment and utensils, cups, plates and mugs to help start the process of creating a home.

Shelterbox is a ​National ​Rotary supported charity and the Rotary Club of Reigate has been providing ​funds to it ​for many years.

​The Rotary Club would like to thank all those who stopped and gave a donation. 

Shelter Box Rotary Club Reigate in Surrey

Shelter Box, outside Morrisons Supermarket