The Reigate Rotary Club raises funds in support of a wide range of charitable organisations and actively participates in some of their events and programmes. These partnerships provide many opportunities for Rotary members to help worthwhile causes in our community, nationally and internationally. In addition, we run our own projects focused on disadvantaged young and old and on other initiatives of benefit to our community.

Through membership of Rotary Club of Reigate there are many opportunities to volunteer. This can involve as little or as much time that you are able to spare. See below examples of some of the activities our members support.


Our experience and skills in community work and volunteering place us in an ideal position to work with organisations such as local businesses, charities, universities, schools, hospitals and environmental groups to support a large variety of good causes. These range from helping at food banks, assisting those affected by flooding, fundraising for local hospices, organising sports tournaments for disabled youngsters and running memory cafés.

When we are not putting youngsters on programmes or forward for youth competitions we are busy organising annual events such as quiz nights , concerts, Christmas collections and festivities and providing lunches for the elderly and helping out at music festivals. 

Our clubs in Great Britain and Ireland are able to work directly with clubs in disaster hit areas across the world to assess what aid is needed and we can be sure that money raised goes directly to those in need. Projects range from providing water and sanitation, disease prevention, literacy projects, education, building schools, hospitals, water wells and growing local economies through sustainable development.

When disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons or floods occur around the world, we are quick to respond through our support for survival kits such as ShelterBox, AquaBox and Water Survival Box, which provide the basic essentials required in an emergency situation.

Rotarians from the medical professions use their expertise to run overseas clinics. These include providing much needed hearing aids, glasses and prosthetic limbs to those in areas of the world where these items are in short supply.

In Rotary we also have our unique peace programme. We select some of the world’s most dedicated and brightest professionals to receive fully funded fellowships to study at our Rotary Peace Centers. In just over a decade, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 900 fellows globally for careers in peace building. Many of them go on to serve as leaders in national governments, NGOs, the military, law enforcement, and international organizations like the United Nations and World Bank. For over 30 years, Rotary and its members have been committed to fighting to eradicate polio across the world.

The amount of polio-endemic countries has dropped from 125 to just three, with over 2.5 billion children receiving vaccinations thanks to the help of Rotary.

With eradication now closer than ever, Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland’s latest campaign, Purple4Polio, is designed to unite communities to engage in activities as part of the final push to eradicate polio for good.

The campaign ties in with the 100 year anniversary of The Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s own and only charity, which has played a key role in making polio eradication become close to a reality, along with hundreds of other projects both in Great Britain and Ireland and overseas.

The Purple4Polio crocus corm planting 2016 was a huge success with nearly 7 million purple corms being planted across Great Britain and Ireland resulting in a carpet of purple in communities during spring 2017.

The purple crocus is a symbol of Rotary’s worldwide campaign to eradicate polio, with its colour representing the purple dye used to mark the finger of a child to indicate they have received their life saving oral polio vaccine.

This year, we are aiming to go even further and plant 10 million purple crocus corms! Get your green fingers at the ready.

Rotary and the Royal Horticultural Society partnership continues

The continuing partnership between Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland (Rotary) and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) will see Rotary clubs, Britain in Bloom groups and other RHS community gardening groups further developing this joint initiative to plant a target of 10 million purple crocus corms in their local communities in Autumn 2017.

This partnership allows community planting and flowering to raise the profile of Rotary Purple4Polio and joins with a wide cross section of communities to transform public spaces, brighten up local areas and benefit local wildlife, including bees, by planting this rich source of nectar. Please note the crocus species being used are Ruby Giant. Children should be supervised at all times and crocus corms should not be ingested. Crocus species are not toxic to people, however, if signs of sickness 

Rotary Young Citizen Awards

The awards celebrate the positive citizenship and responsibilities that are shown by many young people. Rotary clubs nominated the winners, all of whom are youngsters who have gone to great lengths to help others, often overcoming adversity themselves.

Thousands of youngsters take part every year in our youth competitions which in most cases take the form of regional heats followed by a national final. The majority are categorised into junior, intermediate and advanced age groups.

Rotary Young Chef

Cooking amongst young people is a valuable life skill. Sponsored by Filippo Berio, contestants prepare and present a three course meal within a pre-set budget and time limit, which is judged by an expert panel.

Rotary Youth Speaks

We encourage speaking and presentation skills in young people and this competition showcases superb quality speakers.

This year, teams of young people were discussing topics from fracking to feminism.

Rotary Young Musician

Music is an international language and we encourage talented young people by providing this opportunity to demonstrate their musical skills. Shropshire was alive with the sound of music at this year’s National Final.

Rotary Young Photographer

Photography is a talent and an ever popular art form.  Entrants submit three photographs on a theme in black and white or colour, along with a description of the inspiration for their photographs.

This year, young people were challenged to capture the theme of ‘Our World Is Beautiful’, with the stunning winning photographs including Scottish landscapes and a graceful big cat.

Rotary Young Writer

A flair for creative writing is a special gift and this competition promotes and encourages the work of young people who show talent. The winning writers are subsequently published in Rotary magazines.

The written prose of this year’s Young Writers wowed the judges, again writing around the theme of ‘Our World is Beautiful’.

Rotary Technology Tournament

Teams of students interested in engineering and science compete in a one day event to devise and build a solution to an unseen technical task. Solutions are tested and judged against competing teams.

Rotary Young Citizen Awards

These showcase the citizenship and responsibilities demonstrated by people under the age of 25. Winners receive a cash prize of £500 at our annual conference where the awards are presented.

Rotary GBI U12s Inter-District Football Competition

Boys and girls from across Great Britain and Ireland have the chance lace up their boots and to run in the footsteps of their footballing heroes by taking part in the Rotary GBI U12s Inter-District Football 5-a-side competition. Regional rounds culminate in an exciting knockout tournament at the state of the art St George’s Park National Football Centre, home to England’s 24 national football teams.

New Generations Service Exchange

New Generations Service Exchange is a volunteering programme which provides opportunities for young people between 18 and 30 to undertake placements across the world or in their home country lasting anything from three weeks to six months. Placements may give vocational experience or humanitarian service or a mix of both. This is the ideal programme for young people wanting to do something worthwhile for others and beneficial for their own careers before or during their studies or into their professional lives, while developing their personal skills and increasing their understanding of the world.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

This is a leadership development program which focuses on secondary school students, university students, or young professionals. RYLA events are typically 3–10 days long and cover a variety of topics including:

  • Leadership fundamentals and ethics
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Community and global citizenship

Rotary Youth Exchange

One of the best youth exchange programmes in the world where participants can broaden their minds and their horizons with or without vocational experience or academic study. Exchanges can vary from a two week camp or tour, to a short term home stay, to a full year living and studying in another country.

The family of Rotary

Within Rotary we have clubs which cater for a range of age groups beginning with RotaKids for 7-12 year olds, Interact for 12-18 year olds and Rotaract for 18-30 year olds.

Welcome to Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards participants

Rotary is delighted to offer volunteer placements as a Duke of Edinburgh Award’s Approved Activity Provider. These are delivered through our Interact clubs which are dynamic groups of 12-18 year olds who come together to make a positive impact locally and overseas.

By volunteering with Interact you are not only fulfilling your Duke of Edinburgh Award badge requirements, you are also embarking on a fully supported programme which is mentored by your local Rotary club. All volunteer experiences are fully checked by Rotary to ensure safety and appropriateness of activities.

You will create a joint volunteer project with your local Interact club which will meet all requirements of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards as well making a big social impact on your local community. Your choices will define your experience.

Interact clubs are often found in schools and colleges but can also be active elsewhere such as in village halls or other public venues. Two main projects are created each year by the Interactors: One which helps people in the local area whilst the other will resolve a challenge overseas, for example providing school books to a remote school, installing sanitation equipment at a children’s home and so on. All clubs are attached to a Rotary club which supports them with their adventures.

About Rotary

Rotary became an Approved Activity Provider for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards in 2015. This status applies to the volunteering element of the badges. We take seriously the safeguarding of young and vulnerable people and fully comply with safety policies. Disclosure and Barring Service checks are carried out on all people who are working with children and vulnerable people.

There are junior branches of Rotary called Rotakids, Interact and Rotaract as well as hundreds of Rotary clubs across Great Britain and Ireland. All of these groups are looking for people like you, people who want to be active in communities near and far. Find out more by finding your Rotary.

Social Groups are Central to Rotary’s Values

 Social Groups are very important to Rotary and the men and women who belong to Rotary social clubs have a lot of fun! Every club arranges parties and social group activities with no other goal than to celebrate and socialise.

 Members have the chance to forge new friendships with like-minded people through social group gatherings- who share common goals, not just in their local area, but across the world.

Join the Largest Social Club in the World

 When you join Rotary, you become a member of a vast international social club of 1.2 million members worldwide.

You will be welcome – even encouraged – to attend any of the 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical regions.

 This social bond creates an instant sense of belonging, wherever you are in the world. Many a member in need of a local doctor, lawyer, hotel, dentist, or other expertise while travelling has found assistance through Rotary.

Be part of one of the largest social clubs in the world and register your interest in Rotary, we’d love to hear from you!

How Can Rotary Help with Business Networking?

Because Rotary consists of a cross-section from every business community and its members come from all walks of life you will be interacting and striking up friendships with a diverse cross section of people, giving you the opportunity to share in business networking groups and networking events.

Join Networking Groups with Rotary

There is no better way to meet such a group of contrasting people, allowing you to take advantage of unique business networking opportunities or joining bespoke business networking groups. By taking part in local, regional and national Rotary initiatives, you will meet a wealth of other professionals that could help your business.

Businesses often encourage their staff to become involved with Rotary to capitalise on business networking opportunities to improve skills such as networking event management, organisation, time management, teamwork and leadership.

Volunteering in the UK Benefits Your Community

 Join Rotary and enjoy the benefits of volunteering in the UK with the collective knowledge, skills and experience that will see a project successfully completed.

 Our background and understanding regarding local volunteering within the community puts us in an unparalleled position to work with the following organisations:

  • Local businesses
  • Charities
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Environmental groups

Rotary’s skills to successfully support a large variety of good causes can help you reap the benefits of local volunteering in the UK. These can range from helping out at food banks, assisting those affected by natural disasters such as floods, local hospice fundraising, organising and helping to sports events and tournaments for disabled youngsters and running memory cafés.

Contact US to find out more or be a guest at one of our meetings